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How I encrypt my data in the cloud

resharing since there are some good suggestions on encryption. personally I like cryptomator. 1PW is also great!

I do like the scent of coconut oil sunscreen in the air.

Wish I could have gotten closer but the big buck had just walked off the scene...part of his harem is in the background

drug to Santa Cruz ... just wanted to chill by a pool, but now that I'm here ... ok, I'm in Santa Cruz mode now.

Making Monday fun. At least trying to while getting stuff done.

Met a vegetarian in line today and she asked me if I like the Impossible Whopper. I told her it was just my 2nd time having one, but I do remember it being good. She told me how good Del Taco is. I wish I could find one nearby, especially now that Taco Bell is saying they won't use either Beyond or Impossible at all :( She was a chipper soul as she went on about what dessert she wanted to order.

FWIW, I must say that I enjoyed the CJ Beyond Burger a bit more.

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