Do I look somewhat ok today?

Walking along and and someone says, "Hi. You look nice today."

"Thank you," says I.

I'll take the compliment, even if it comes from a group of maybe 14 year old girls lol.

Now where is the mature group at?

Squeezing for the last drop is overβ€”though rationing skills are very much improved.

I can polish up again to wild abandon in that smooth and slept in way.

I'm always being asked if I'm here to fix the WiFi

I just want the password

Walked for awhile. Ended up at a spot to watch the sunset and listen to some tunes.

Chillin ahead of a busy day tomorrow

Watched this with my son when I really needed a feel good movie. It was more than expected and I look forward to seeing it again on my own. Good feels.

BTW - the right sunglasses reduce eye strain and hide where your focus is

The difference between β€œnowhere” and β€œnow here” is a little space

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