am I the only one not fond of those card-based web design layouts?

has DuckDuckGo been using them for a long time now?

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@dredmorbius Google is a a downright eyesore.

DDG is more subtle β€” I just noticed their use of them. Is it new or not? IDK

For me, cards are less scannable.

@dredmorbius G vs DDG

I thought DDG was more like StartPage in design, but I could have just grown accustomed to it. The borders are subtle.

@teaneedz Interesting. I don't get the outlines on Mobile Web w/ DDG FWIW.

Damned tablet won't fucking screenshot, claiming (utterly fucking falsely) it's DRMd.

Not that that would fucking excuse it regardless.

@dredmorbius hmmm, I just used the feedback button to ask about it β€” not that I'll hear back.

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