The sheer number of people on Facebook with their real names, photos, locations and workplaces on their profile who are happy to throw abuse at other people kinda disproves the argument that it’s online anonymity that causes abusive behaviour

@kirstyyarr The problem was never anonymity or pseudonymity, it is impunity and immunity.

Ex-Googler Yonatan Zunger, chief architect of Google+, has an excellent observation on this, and of the harms of forced identity revelation.


@dredmorbius @kirstyyarr So true. Some sub-reddits remain civil because of community rules and mod efforts. I recall that Ello had a rather easy going vibe. What the community allows is what it seems to get, pseudonymous or real-name.

I think ad tech platforms just like to push the bad pseudonym angle just to collect real names for their own business efforts of advertising.

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