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The difference between β€œnowhere” and β€œnow here” is a little space

I wish we could pick the genre of our dreams before going to sleep

So Google indexes Mastodon - even if setting is not to index?

am I the only one not fond of those card-based web design layouts?

has DuckDuckGo been using them for a long time now?

I'll even take the wonky Galaxy Quest teleportation as long as I don't end up turned inside out.

but not the Willy Wonka teleportation where the end result is a smaller subject.

give me Star Trek beam me there tech

Maybe I should watch San Andreas for tips.

Tandem parachute jumping for one.

can anyone recommend a good iOS Mastodon client?

i'm going to really really miss Tootdon.

Mast crashes way too often ( Λ‡ΰ·΄Λ‡ )

already the Mast app is crashing Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

back to mast until the bugs chase me away again.

feels like I've stepped backwards though. i the miss good search of tootdon.

drats, Tootdon was the best Mastodon client for Search.

Now what do I use?

Study Finds Holding Governments and Corporations Legally Accountable for Climate Crisis 'Has Become a Global Phenomenon'

keep makin' it happen

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