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> I dislike preconceived thought.

Miyamoto Musashi, Samurai and author of 'The Book of Five Rings'

the level of drained I feel is beyond words

numb, mindless, empty drained

Thoughts of "I don't care anymore" sit on the tip of the tongue, waiting to escape and become actual words that can be heard.

Tasting those thoughts ... they taste about right.

i've stopped carrying about typos and grammar because ain't nobody got time for that

unless it's an email

but then my email client might disappear it, so alrighty then

I think my email client Airmail is hiding emails on me. Very few mobile clients though let me see the source headers when I want though.

Ad Tech is real poison in our modern world. It attacks privacy, facilitates fake news, leads to poor mental health, manipulates the masses and results in bad UX.



Think I got ahead of the game by flat out disabling Gutenberg without a second thought.

Looking at feeds, it's a headache suffering WordPress world today.

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@Gargron i understand the complaint about that and i really like the hashtag feature. if we could effectively categorize topics and not people it'd be less clout-chasing and more dependent on interests. not trying to piss you off here, just genuinely concerned with the idea

I need a coke ... had green tea, but I think an extra boost is required since it feels like 9pm and it's only a half past 6.

I wish I had a droid to deliver it to me.

What exactly are we willing to do for our global home?

Maybe we can just take more selfies, post dribble and stick our heads in the sand.

Sorry, I'm in a mood.

Paris riots over fuel taxes dim hopes for climate fight washingtonpost.com/world/europ

“Is it a death knell for the carbon tax or pricing carbon? I don’t think so,” economist Yohe said. “It is just a call for being a little bit more careful about how you design the damn thing.”

IDK - drastic sacrifices are necessary if we care about the real roof over our heads.

Windy ~ Natural White Noise by Franz Bruckhoff itunes.apple.com/us/app/windy-

This is my main iOS relaxing app which also has additional app series like Sunny, Flowing and Away. All are outdoor nature sounds, with sound level adjustments for things like ocean/streams, birds, soft music, rain, ect and have sleep timers.

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