I know Target stores had some high profile hacks in the past, but I thought they got their act together.

I guess that's why I rarely shop there.

Ran through a Target store self check-out yesterday. Scanned one $2 item that the screen said totaled $7. It listed two extra items not scanned or in my cart. The cashier came over and deleted the extra items. I re-scanned two items and the extra items reappeared again. I told the cashier I'm not running a card through here. He said, "Let's just see what's going on here."

I told him, "What's going on is I don't trust Target's PoS machines!" Moved to another machine and hunted for cash to pay.

Sup? Yes I'm on S2 of Designated Survivor.

> Historian Yuval Noah Harari, author of the books Sapiens and Homo Deus, even suggested that animal farming is “one of the worst crimes in history.”


Hello 2:30am. We meet again. At least there's not a fire to put out.

Curse you iced tea.

Dang gorgeous design of Tweetbot 5 has me back lurking on the birdsite.

Since sleep isn't going to work, might as well start out early with a soy earl grey tea latte and see where the day takes me.

A london fog by any other name minus the sweetener is at least going to make me moan out loud.

Visit vegan Reddit in the wee hours for the feels.

such a bad sleep schedule now. fall asleep. dream. wake up. think through big stuff. repeat.

Up to 4am yesterday dealing with a down website. Slept to noon. Now trying to convince a hosting company they have a caching problem.

At least I can say I made it to Friday in another two hours.

Hosting is scratching their heads now too lol. Welcome to my world.

You know things are bad when the advertisers are now suing Facebook.


Though honestly, it's hard to feel sorry for the advertisers.

Thinking. When what matters loses its matterness, maybe it needs a new spot where it matters.

> If you trust Facebook with a camera and microphone in your house, I’d love to have you at my table in a poker game.

~ Daring Fireball

Yep. Sums it up.

When your head feels like it's going to explode.

Yeah, that feeling.

Tried getting through this unprofessional piece, but it just came across as petty and self-marketing—even though I agree with the picture it presents of Google.

I often wondered how Google (even more so Twitter) operated on the UX side. Too much focus on small single trees and no focus on the forest I guess.


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