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πŸ˜₯ No dry eyes watching Judy.

Zellweger is so good.

arm sore ... feeling a little uggg from a flu shot

power outages everywhere

going to watch Judy and see how RenΓ©e Zellweger brings it home

so i'm able to once more bop my head, stomp and dance in silence like every other fool while not having to worry about getting kicked out of a library for playing music from my BT speakers.

That's another dream I really did not want to wale up from. Too detailed and amazing!!

ended the road trip and still never came close to finishing my playlist, nice

visited friends who are really family

I was surprised with vegan spaghetti and a games of rummikub and dominos.

Ok, ty. Blush. I'll take that compliment.

I've been called worse than smelling good and more handsome β€” such fake news.

gift to myself ... it will compete with Doctor Who this evening

Ehhh watching previews of Doctor Who before Orphan Black makes me want to watch Doctor Who again.

someone knows my patch tastes

son and I used to love watching The Doctor and had TARDIS ring tones

thanks for thinking of me, son

No more comfort, Only happiness

That's what he had written on his bedside whiteboard.

He was in a positive spot to the very end.

Think I'll mostly take tomorrow to process the passing of a buddy's dad whose family was like a second family to me. I still hear his voice from a recent camping trip.

I'm grateful for having been able to spend time with him over the summer when he was healthier.

Cancer is a terrible way to go, but at least he is peacefully resting now.

Immediate Climate Action Is Needed to Avoid β€œGrim” Future, Scientists Warn

> We’re trying to change the message we’re projecting from β€˜This is going to happen’ to β€˜This is already happening, and to prevent this from getting worse, action needs to be ramped up'

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