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"The Game Changers" Masculinity and meat 

Watched "The Game Changers" yesterday. It's a documentary promoting a #vegan lifestyle. My personal opinion: It is pretty clever. Its main audience is men who believe that eating meat is "manly" and it challenges a lot of what men are being told when it comes to diets. Thinking about it I get the feeling that it fully understands the role toxic masculinity plays here and carefully lures those folks subject to it in. Small steps at a time.

Coffee is essential to survival.

The dinosaurs didn't have coffee. See what happened! admin 

Running v3.0.1 now! announcement 

@dan has handed off to me.

The instance is now hosted by @mastohost, which guarantees stability and timely upgrades.

Feel free to reach out to me in case of issues or anything else.

Many thanks to @dan for setting it up and managing it up to now, as well as for helping during the migration.

Few months ago, we started an instance with @Steve12L dedicated to the protection of animals.
We first opened it to French speakers, but that's maybe time to open it more globally.

Special thanks to "La SPA de Montluçon" 🙏


Don't hesitate to spread it :)

Tried IKaffe (Icoffee) in my coffee. It's oatmeal-milk that has a certain flavour that makes the coffee taste so good! But when I went to buy it, it is sold out everywhere! 😭So I had to buy Sproud instead. It is made of peas. I really liked the taste as well!

food, sustainability 

A random thing I've been doing lately to reduce my waste – I keep any and all vegetable scraps in a bag in my freezer. Whenever I've collected enough, I boil them all up into vegetable stock to use in cooking, to give plenty of that sweet, sweet umami flavour.

All kinds of scraps go in the bag. Carrot peel. Onion skin. That one mushroom which always starts to go dry before I can use it. The only rules are to make sure everything's clean, and to avoid using anything which is rotten or mouldy.

Today I Learned that you can’t find #broccoli in the wild since it was created by humans by breeding it from wild cabbage. #TIL

All my smoothies end up green because I always use spinach. It's about time I try something else.

I think this is the first time I eat smoked in almost a decade.

What would happen if the entire US stopped eating meat? Research says it'd be like taking 60 million cars off the road and there’s no nutritional downside. #govegan #vegan #food

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