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What do you usually drink when you need to focus (or wake up)?

reminder that is always open to new, friendly vegans, vegetarians, and anyone concerned with animal welfare into the fold. please contact me for an invite.

we are broadly leftist in orientation, and according to statistics, have a 99.0% uptime rate -- 1% higher than! is one of the few fediverse instances that does not rely on any cloud infrastructure. it does not use cloudflare, wasabi, or amazon s3. all media is instead stored on an encrypted, sticker-clad server in the middle of my living room. & we want you!

I've started to read 's book How Not to Die and its followup cookbook. I've been enjoying it a lot. The recipes look really tasty but I have only tested one so far. Some of the ingredients seems to be a bit hard to come by in my area, so it requires some planning. Rumour has it #drGreger is so skinny because he only eats scientific papers. This #kale you see on the pic will be put into a vase on his desk.

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My #FridaysForFuture themed #FollowFriday (no bots included)

💚 See if your fediverse instance runs on #GreenEnergy with @greenfediverse
It's admin @moagee is tooting a lot about FFF.

🥝 @VPG #Vegan Propaganda - nothing more nothing less.

👣 @tuxom posts a lot of great articles on the #ClimateCrisis in English and German.

⌛ Do you want to #Protest some more? Join @ExtinctionR

💰 Put your money where your mouth is with @glsbank the best #EthicalBank I know.

A Mastodon instance encouraging discussion of animal rights and veganism. All are welcome!