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Coffee is essential to survival.

The dinosaurs didn't have coffee. See what happened!

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Few months ago, we started an instance with @Steve12L dedicated to the protection of animals.
We first opened it to French speakers, but that's maybe time to open it more globally.


Special thanks to "La SPA de Montluçon" 🙏


Don't hesitate to spread it :)

Tried IKaffe (Icoffee) in my coffee. It's oatmeal-milk that has a certain flavour that makes the coffee taste so good! But when I went to buy it, it is sold out everywhere! 😭So I had to buy Sproud instead. It is made of peas. I really liked the taste as well!

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Today I Learned that you can’t find #broccoli in the wild since it was created by humans by breeding it from wild cabbage.
indianapublicmedia.org/amoment #TIL

@parasurv Urgh. Hell no. Little known fact: beets are one of the only (perhaps the only) vegetables I cannot stand. :)

All my smoothies end up green because I always use spinach. It's about time I try something else.

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