Another excellent video from Humane Hancock about veganism and wild animal suffering:

It is amazing to see those questions discussed widely! We should really stop committing the appeal to nature fallacy when we are the first to (rightly!) criticize it when non-vegans use it to justify animal farming.

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As you might have noticed, there was an outage since yesterday. This is because I did something stupid and will not happen again. Apologies for the inconvenience.

It is hard for me to not scream at people when they eat animals. We are not cavemen anymore, it's paying someone to end an animal's life. If you wouldn't shoot someone or drive a knife into their throat then stop paying someone else to do it. Being vegan is absolutely the morally superior position and I'm tired of being surrounded by complacent people. Killing an innocent being for no reason other than enjoying the taste of their flesh is a hostile act of injustice. Show some empathy for others who share this world with you. It's really not that hard, and should be the standard behavior we expect from everyone.

Alternative meat is having a moment. Real meat may be done sooner thank you think. - dirty meat: "full of antibiotics and covered in fecal matter". sure you want to eat it...?

If you can't fix it, you don't own it.

- Is better than recycling
- Saves you money
- Teaches engineering
- Saves the planet

Discussing Meat 

I just realized that you don't have to go fully #Vegetarian or #Vegan to boycott the industries. I'm not (yet?) willing to give up meat and eggs, but I just realized I'm fine with replacing milk, beef, and possibly pork. Sure poor chickens still get to suffer under me, but that's at least two major industries that I could boycott anyways 🤔

"The Game Changers" Masculinity and meat 

Watched "The Game Changers" yesterday. It's a documentary promoting a #vegan lifestyle. My personal opinion: It is pretty clever. Its main audience is men who believe that eating meat is "manly" and it challenges a lot of what men are being told when it comes to diets. Thinking about it I get the feeling that it fully understands the role toxic masculinity plays here and carefully lures those folks subject to it in. Small steps at a time.

Coffee is essential to survival.

The dinosaurs didn't have coffee. See what happened! admin 

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Many thanks to @dan for setting it up and managing it up to now, as well as for helping during the migration.

Few months ago, we started an instance with @Steve12L dedicated to the protection of animals.
We first opened it to French speakers, but that's maybe time to open it more globally.

Special thanks to "La SPA de Montluçon" 🙏


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