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Veganism: Everywhere you go, life is a struggle.

"Everywhere you go, life is a struggle. You don't get to choose whether or not your life is a struggle: you get to choose whether that struggle is meaningful, or meaningless. You get to choose what it is you struggle about/for/against, and how. That's my argument for veganism: I won't tell you that it isn't a struggle, I'll tell you that the struggle is meaningful —that it is worthwhile."

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While I don't post as much as I'd like, I just want to say this account is important for me.

However I am taking a week off of posting for personal and family reasons.

Take care everybody!

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I used to have another account at, but I took a break from it some weeks ago.

This account will be about sharing my vegan passion in a positive way.

No stupid drama, just good food and good news! Also some health stuff! Mostly what I do to stay healthy as possible, in a simple and accessible way.

Also pigs are in my avatar, because I like them, and my Chinese sign is Pig too.

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“I used to be so proud of not being a pushy vegan, until I realised that ‘pushy vegan’ is a stereotype created by meat-eaters to make vegans feel ashamed of speaking up. They want to keep us quiet because our very existence reminds them that their choices are cruel.”

I am at a point when I simple don't want to talk about how I eat, in public, simple for being ridiculed or others making faces and making little remarks here and there.

So from now on I censor myself to talk about my dietary and exercise habits IRL. Even if they ask me.

And they say, that vegans are the pushy ones...

Today's lunch:
* chinese veggie mix and lentils with pasta!

No pictures, sorry. I have a crappy phone and I won't buy a smartphone just for taking a picture once a month. xD

One weight loss advice people don't really talk about, is that you should not ever ever ever compare yourself to other people.

It's fine if you can get inspiration from others, but don't look at them like a goal. If you can't keep up with the other person you might get discouraged.

Always set your own goals. It might not be even a weight goal, just something like: I will walk 4 days a week.

The results will come with consistency.

Disordered eating cw 

This is one hell of a good recipe video!

With all kinds of great and colorful food! This video is seriously good!

Yes, sure, vegan foods are boring...

Said no vegan ever... :)

Thinking about taking a computer break every weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Not just social media, but not turning the computer on for 48 hours.

Reading books, writing stuff, doing housework, walking outside can be fun!

I can hardly believe that some anti-vegan people still can't make a difference between pythoestrogen and estrogen.

And instead of soyboy, we should say milkboy, since milk will have an effect on your life in a negative way.

Have a good weekend guys, btw!

I am sore from yesterdays walk and I stayed up too late playing Dota Underlords.

So today I just play some more...

Little off-topic, but the new Freetube 0.6.1 beta has some nice features. They have grid view by default and the startup is much faster. Now they need to work on updating the feed faster. :)

If you need drugs to feel better, find a meaningful goal, that's suits YOU!

I don't think about huge goals that you can't achieve, or if you look at it, it's big that you just imidiately give up.

No. Find what you like to do and share it with others. Share it with family, friends or online.

Cooking is an awesome skill to have. It changed my life, even if it came for me at a bad time (my mom's slowly dying).

I have a better life because of it.

[2/2] I have never felt good drinking any type of alcohol. It always tasted bad, and I did it because of social pressure.

In fact it was the opposite. Even if I didn't have hangover, I still felt tired and lethargic for 1-2 days from it. From one beer!

I liked coffee for about a half year, but then I moved to decaf and since ~2 months now I don't drink any. I feel so much better because of it. It's still on the shelf and I have no desire to drink it.

Doug Bopst On Fitness, Faith & The Jail Cell That Saved His Life

Say after with me:
Marijuana is not a gateway drug. Marijuana is not a gateway drug. Marijuana is not a gateway drug.

And then listen to this podcast and think again...

Don't do any mind and body altering shit, no mater how light it is they say.

Coffee (even tea), alcohol, drugs...


I seriously need to write down which Rich Roll episode I've listened to. :)

So far I walked this week more than last week, when I was just too lazy and only walked 3 days.

Also, today I finally make this excellent chickpea curry from Happy Pear:


Do you have any good vegan book to recommend?

I don't have the exact date, but this month I am 21 month vegan!

Have a good day!

STUDY: Plant-Based Protein Builds Muscle Better Than Milk Protein

Please don't tell this to Joe Rogan or Bobby, because they would explode! We want to laugh at them more!

Note: I didn't check if the study had any conflict of interest.

I don't know if this will get more positive results, but I try to mix my exercise routine.

Instead of my usual walk distance and intensity. I will alternate between:

* one day walk/run (alternating between the two) for shorter distance (about 4-5 km)
* one day longer walk (about 7-8 km)
* one or two rest day (usually weekend)

I am not an exercise guru, and I guess most of the advice are for running, since walking is such a simple exercise...

When your family says: "It doesn't taste vegan." - you know you reached your goal. xD

Making "Stranger Things" Foods at Home! - by Mina Rome

She has such a great presentation and pan jokes! Heheh

Seriously, go check out her channel!

I swear this will be the day when I go to bed in time (between 9-10 pm).

I swear...

Last week I only went walking 3 times, which is unacceptable. My goal is 5-6 days a week, and one rest day. It might look a lot, but since walking is a low intensity exercise (I also like endurance, long distances more), I think I need to do it more to have results.

Right now my goal is to minimize the fat on my belly, which is the hardest thing to do.

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