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All I will ever want for every Christmas for the rest of history is for every human to watch Dominion:

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My official statement to people going "reducetarian" or buying local for the environment instead of going vegan for the animals:

All I will ever want for every Christmas for the rest of history is for every human to watch Dominion:

12/7/1938: Bette Davis's husband files for divorce, saying she reads too much

I got a comment blocker extension for my browser the day I realized people in comment sections will say things like "thanks for being respectful, it's refreshing to have a decent conversation online for once" because they expect commenters to exclusively fight each other all the time.

A common occurrence in team-based multiplayer videogames is dealing with garbage men throwing temper tantrums over the team doing poorly. Are they aware that there is an enemy team full of people who are also trying their best to win?

'We are last generation that can stop climate change' – UN summit

I feel like human-caused is a topic that everyone should be talking about everywhere. Everyone plays a part.

Lucy Watson asking this turkey farmer what he means by "humane slaughter" and not giving up until he describes what he actually means by that is giving me all of my life today. She's a hero.

Remember: the only two professions to call their customers "users" are tech and drug dealers.

Five years ago when I decided I actually hated doing most web development, it became clear that the design skills I had learned regarding intuition, familiarity, persuasion, and patterns weren't about making tech more accessible and friendly but were rather methods of getting users to waste more of their life looking at my companies' pointless products. Every internal meeting I had required me to justify my design choices with analytics showing just how much I was stealing people's time.

I can't count how many times I've Gone Online to check out one thing but then caught myself two hours later staring at nonsense about other people I don't even know, realizing I haven't learned or processed a single Important Thing in that entire time.

It happens to everyone! The modern Internet is a trap.

Social media and the Internet are supposed to be an echo of your actual life rather than a replacement for it.

If you're consistently bored and feeling down, be honest with yourself: have you spent hours mindlessly scrolling down infinite pages with content irrelevant to your goals and sense of self? ❤️

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