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@ChameleonScales yeah, it looks like the default web interface uses fixed width for emojis, but other clients like amaroq on iOS make them wider than the square emojis.

@ChameleonScales Done, thanks for getting me to finally add custom emojis!

added some custom emoji, most importantly :vegan: Let me know if you want any others added! :debian: :diaspora: :duckduckgo: :emacs: :firefox: :github: :gnu: :gnusocial: :mastodon: :pixelfed: :python: :raspberry_pi: :ruby: :tor: :tux: :ubuntu: :vim: :xmpp:

house guest: “ooh, what’s this trophy for?”

other house guest: “2nd place.”

If you're looking for a simple New Year's resolution, join the Free Software Foundation! @fsf

@Chymera and, if anyone would like to give back directly, we’re in great need of more volunteer editors to post updates to his site! See, top of the page, for more info.

@ChameleonScales Can an instance change domain names without difficultly/disruption of federation? Are subdomains of available for use by third parties such as myself?

@ChameleonScales The main reason I'd want people to join this instance over others is to have the donteatanimals message in their name so that people on other instances see it more often. If we aren't encouraging action then I'm not sure what the point of the animal rights label is.

It would be ideal to have more instance names for people to choose from, and I'd encourage others to set up more instances.

@ChameleonScales I won’t do much steering of the instance’s direction, but I’m more concerned about animal rights than about diet per se.

all these articles and talk about "alternative careers for PhD graduates"... I should ask them if they graduated high school. "Yes." "Ah, so you're a high school teacher now?" "uh no." "Oh interesting, you chose an alternative career." what is the opposite of dense???

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