New instance rule: "If your activity results in a lot of extra work for me, e.g. dealing with complaints and reports, your account will be silenced."

@brainblasted Anti-trans is a vague term, which could mean one is opposed to the terminology, or is actually hateful toward trans people. If you can demonstrate that his account reflects the latter, then I'd gladly delete the account, which would make my life easier. Please do so in a report, as this isn't relevant to the post you replied to.

@brainblasted I’m aware he’s against the idea of trans, and I think he’s wrong, but I’ve only observed opinions on terminology and feminism from him, no direct attacks on another user or anything I would deem hostile.

@ChameleonScales It's narrow, but I don't think of instances as isolated communities. People's choice of instance is often arbitrary, but they can interact with people on other instances just as easily, aside from the instances that their admin is blocking.


If I've found a successor by Oct 9, they will take over the server and hopefully run it without interruption thereafter. If I haven't found one, the server will become unstable and could be down for periods of time. If no successor is found after 6 months (Jan 9), it may go offline.


I don't have time to run it anymore. It crashes randomly, even with only a handful of active users. And I no longer enjoy this type of social media. [2/2]

IMPORTANT: I'm preparing to hand off this instance to a new admin, which could be you!

I'll run the instance as normal for three months. In that time, message me if you want to apply to run the instance. Ideally I'd find someone who would maintain the existing instance rules, since users agreed to those when they joined.

Timeline and rationale to follow. [1/2]

@ChameleonScales I’m not sure, it sometimes crashes and stays down until I notice and restart the Mastodon services.

My first dabble in ikebana. Foraging for the bits is a lot of fun!

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@teaneedz @BeastBoy Not sure why, but I had to restart the Mastodon server after it went down twice recently. Hopefully it’s a temporary issue.

@ChameleonScales The availability of stuff from other servers has always confused me, so I’m not sure what would be causing that. nothing is blocked from our end.

somehow just discovering Kate Bush, and wow

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