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just dreamt that the college dining hall set up stations, and each one served food based on a different section of lyrics from Bohemian Rhapsody. I was really impressed until I noticed they had just inserted words like “corn” into the lyrics to make it work.

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I think about this episode of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared a lot and how it relates to my work youtube.com/watch?v=G9FGgwCQ22

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«I am happy to announce the addition of Peertube app on YunoHost.»
🎉 #Peertube is available on #Yunohost ! 🎉 🎉

Happy #decentralisation, happy watching and video sharing 😉

(and a big thank you to the team who worked on that app !)

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If you're under the impression that the one redeeming quality of factory farms is that at least they provide cheap food for people, consider that more food goes into them than comes out. Most of it comes out as body heat, CO2, and poop.

Factory farms provide negative food.

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researchers have identified a third ear on scientist Stephen Wolfram. In a press release embargoed for today, Wolfram praised the new discovery, and said that it had only been possible due to his Wolfram Language platform

brain is stuck on the phrase “soggy Preakness” and wants to use it for everything

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One reason why I don’t think politicians should measure public opinion by any means other than actual polling: npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/20

They also shouldn’t care about which side phones them the most on a given issue. Public demonstrations are important for influencing other voters, but elected officials should not allow themselves to be influenced.

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helloooo :D #introductions #mastoart

still on @eq, going to post art here. i mostly do generative art! here's some of it, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 :)

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You cannot really have an animal farm in the city.
But you can grow your own crops anywhere, even on your windowsill.

Break capitalism's spine.

Go #vegan.

404 page from 2007: "This site has recently been relaunched using new software and as a result some of the pages may have moved to new locations."

It's interesting how, even though URLs were always meant to be a representation of each page, in the 2000s they were often treated as a sort of machine code that wasn't meant to be understood by humans.

here's another good one: Interested in the topic of "Israeli Apartheid"? Why not book a hotel in Jerusalem instead?

having a guilty laugh at some very old activism sites that were taken over by spammers with a bit of creativity.

This: web.archive.org/web/2001022320

to this: freemarkbarnsley.com/

And this one:

"Many of you will be interested in what Gary McKinnon is up to these days, after his long extradition saga. Gary is now offering a personalised, low entry cost Search Engine Optimisation service..."

anyone see google.com's Earth Day message today? It just links to an ad for a company's thermostats. I guess I'm not surprised, but were they always this obvious?

you can win any argument by just saying "breathlessly" in reference to opponents. also effective is "sputtering" and "screeching".

I guess when scammers take over academic email accounts, they sign emails with the name from the email address to give the message an authentic touch. They missed the mark slightly with this one....