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finished watching the new Netflix BBC Watership Down series last night.

It was really well done. Loved the music, voices and CGI.

Aching to reread the book now.

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Ocean Warming Is Accelerating Faster Than Thought, New Research Finds

When do we realize it's time for personal sacrifices?

“You lack animality.”

Watership Down

Really enjoying this series.

Taco Bell Launches Dedicated Menu for Vegan Burrito Lovers

🌮 Bell is 🔥 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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Hey don’t forget that anger doesn’t justify insulting someone’s intelligence or capabilities

I watched the first episode last night and am hooked. The music, graphics and voices captured the same feelings I got from the book originally. BBC and Netflix did an awesome job!

Check out “Watership Down” on Netflix

you learn a lot about a person's character by how they treat those who are weak or suffering

was supposed to do something different for myself for 30 minutes

I wonder if sleeping through to 3:30am before waking up counts

Sunny ~ Sea & Ocean Sounds by Franz Bruckhoff

Sharing this app because sounds of waves, seagulls and calm music help me when I'm in a dark moment.

dark places are where thoughts collide but sometimes have a way of producing a door

yes a heart can feel again when kindness and empathy are the new blankets that tightly wrap it

if a tear drops in the dark, does a reason even matter

if a pain is silent, is it louder than a scream

if a heart stops feeling, can it find a new reason to beat again

social media has an uplifting corner anyone can visit if you search these two keywords:

it doesn't matter what the size of your bank account is,

or the shape of your body parts

or the awesomeness of your intellect

if you are not known for the kindness you show to those in your day-to-day AND to the random strangers who have nothing to return

if I could push a button and disperse one quality throughout the world, it would be kindness

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