When a trans woman sexually harasses actual women: "Oh, that person is just lying about being trans." abc30.com/homeless-women-haras

I thought self-identity is supposed to be unquestionable. How can we tell if someone is "lying", and what does that actually mean?

You know, PDA could also stand for private display of affection.

Hello Mastodon! I'm a vegan radical feminist, software engineer, and activist. I swore I would never do social media again, but here we are.

A murder: "Arrest that asshole!"

A murder in war: "Oh well, it was collateral."

A murder of an animal: "Arrest that asshole!"

A murder of an animal in industrial farming: "Oh well, it was collateral."

Our worst mistake is trusting our own thoughts.

100+ cognitive biases: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_

Our brains warp our own perceptions.

In arguments, I try to myself ask if a bias is warping my perception. I'm not perfect. In a fairer world, this would be on the forefront of everyone's minds. Our brains are literally self-destructing constantly. Imagine the damage that causes. Yet we know what those things are and can work to overcome them. Join me in overcoming these specific biases. ^

A video game called "Vegan on a Desert Island" :D

#LibrePlanet lightning talks


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