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You can call me BB. I’m a Teen Titans fan who went Whole Food, Plant Based 3 years ago. Before that, I was already having issues with the treatment of animals and our planet. So, when I started thinking about it, it just made sense. I hope to meet other cool vegans on here!

Vegans wouldn’t be caught dead at Chick-fil-a, nor should anybody that cares about lbgtq+, but they’ve got a vegan kale salad now...

i don't use dating apps so have to rely on sheer animal magnetism, which is why i'm constantly followed around by a parade of woodland creatures and haven't gone on a date in two years

If you were a shape shifter what would your default or most used form be? Mine would probably be slime, it seems like the lazy option

me looking at dogs: wow. spectacular. all dogs are good dogs, truly.

me looking at cats: unbelievable. how do they do it. incredible stuff from the cat.

me looking at any animal, really: i'm in awe. look at em go. what absolute marvels.

Leaving your dog roped to a tree at your home while you evacuate, as many did during Hurricane Irma in September 2017, would be considered animal cruelty. As a first-degree misdemeanor, punishment could include a year in prison, according to existing Florida statutes, or a fine up to $5,000 — or both.

Deaf, trans activist and model Chella Man will make his acting debut in the forthcoming second season of DC's Titans. He will play the mute superhero Joseph Wilson (Jericho) and be the first openly queer actor cast on the show.

Why do they put salt on sweet potato chips? It’s just dulling out the sweetness!

Dudes, don’t say you’re vegan to make money if you don’t believe in it. Do it for the right reasons.

Dudes, why can’t I go to my local BK for accidentally vegan French toast sticks? It sucks so bad. I gotta travel 20 minutes to the good BK!

Bigger isn't always better when it comes to catching, selling and eating fish. For certain snappers, a market preference for plate-size whole fillets is driving fishermen to target smaller fish. For some fish populations, this is a recipe for collapse.

@BeastBoy @Zoe "do you open beers and raise your middle finger at us, sir?" "no sir, I do not open beers and raise my finger at you, but I open beers and-- "STUNNER! STUNNER! BY GAWD, ABRAM MONTAGUE IS BROKEN IN HALF!"

Despite many U.S. consumers looking for more vegan options at McDonald's, the McAloo Tikki hasn’t rolled out anywhere else in the states

We Face A Crisis Bigger Than Climate Change, But We're Not Talking About It

… it's all connected. Is there a planet or star to ship those disconnected from the root cause to?

I still haven’t watched Titans and it’s being released digitally next week. Anybody that’s watched it?

Tonight on : 4-D Man!

And no, this isn’t about a dude who’s extra lewd...

In the pants...


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